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What happens to your vehicles finish?

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Swirl marks & spider webs

Swirls are a combination of dips and valley’s on the surface of your vehicles finish that may look like a hologram in direct sunlight. They are generally caused by the misuse of products or materials on your finish, improperly washing your vehicle and everyday wear and tear. Many complain about swirl marks after taking their vehicle to drive-thru car washes. Spider webs are fine straight scratches that form a web-like pattern. They can be caused by washing, drying or wiping your vehicles finish with a dry, dirty, or incorrect material. Both can be corrected through the use of professional products and techniques. Let Triple Shine Detailing remove them from your paint to restore that showroom shine.

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Often unintentional, but sometimes vandalism, your vehicle is subjected to contact with a blunt object, leaving an obvious ugly mark on your paint. Hopefully your first thought is not a costly trip to the body shop. Triple Shine uses the finest compounds, polishes, waxes and the least aggressive multi-step process possible to remove those scratches and correct your paint to its original shine, like it never happened.

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Paint Contamination & Oxidization

Contamination is the most common issue with a vehicle finish. Because your vehicle is exposed to all kinds of driving conditions and weather, item such as road grime, sap, paint and environmental fallout embed in your finish. Contamination can be felt by rubbing your hand over the painted surface. A quick wax is not the solution. Wax will only seal these contaminants in. Pinholes are created and the end result is oxidization or paint bubbles. Oxidization is ultimately the breakdown of your vehicles finish.

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Clay Bar Treatment

An excellent method of removing contaminants is with detailer’s clay. Triple Shine Detailing will use this product in combination with a lubricant on your vehicles finish to effectively remove any contaminants. Clay bar treatment has long been a trick in the detailing trade. The vehicle will then be polished and treated with a high quality paint sealant to produce a high gloss mirror-like finish. Together we will preserve and protect your vehicles finish ensuring longevity and preventing a costly repair.

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Our Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with our work, we aren’t finished. We will deliver you a professional, efficient and effective detailing service that produces high quality results. We promise to do everything in our power to make the job live up to your expectations the first time. We are fully trained and insured. We operate with care for the environment. Our products are environmentally friendly, VOC Compliant and NPE free.
Maintain your interior.

The interior of your vehicle is a very busy place. During all of those commutes to work, trips to school or vacations, the interior is subjected to spilled food and drink, road dirt, grease, salt stains and everyday wear and tear. We spend a great deal of time in our vehicles and they need to be kept clean and free of contaminants.

We will rid your interior of stains and other contaminants using our extractor and various eco-friendly cleaning products to leave it fresh and clean. A maintained interior and exterior will guarantee your vehicle retains its maximum value and ensure years of pleasurable driving.

Let Triple Shine Detailing come to you and bring your vehicle back to the condition it should be!

Relax, let us do the work.

Let us come to you while you carry on with a busy lifestyle. We come with a fully equipped truck that carries water, power, vacuum, tools and all the detailing products necessary for the job. This means we are able to go almost anywhere with our detailing service. Typically we attend customer’s homes but we will attend your workplace, golf course or any other location with the owner’s permission.

Convenience. Reliability.

No car cleaning shop can compete. We are always on time and professional. No more waiting to pick up your vehicle. We understand how essential and important your vehicle is to your day. We will treat it with the utmost care while offering you the most competitive pricing and service. Our detailers are liability insured and covered by WSIB.

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